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March 10th – Day Light Savings!

5-Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Auburn Community Association is required to perform a Fire Sprinkler Inspection every 5-years in order to be in compliance with your local fire authority and the State Fire Marshall...

Don’t forget!

Security Camera Policy Reminder

AUBURN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONSecurity Camera PolicyApproved December 14, 2021 All homeowners are reminded that in accordance with Section 7.18 of the Northpark CC&Rs, no security camera or similar imaging device...

Trash Storage

Reminder to all residents that trash containers may only be exposed to the view of neighboring units twelve (12) hours before and after scheduled collection hours.

Auburn Community Reminders!

Community Reminders

A message from the Irvine Police Department

Cyber Safety

Written by Alden Zhang, Public Safety Assistant From the Irvine Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit February is known as the month of love and nowadays we all love to...

A message from Irvine PD


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