5-Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Posted By on February 28, 2024

Auburn Community Association is required to perform a Fire Sprinkler Inspection every 5-years in order to be in compliance with your local fire authority and the State Fire Marshall of California. In doing so, your association has contracted with Shield Fire Protection to satisfy this request. 

Inspections are scheduled to take place on March 1st and March 2nd. Please note that it is required that all homes be inspected, and any and all deficiencies to be corrected before final re-certification is given to the association. Enclosed, please find the notice provided by Shield Fire Protection for further direction.

Failure to comply may result in an additional charge of a minimum of $150.00 to homeowners who fail to comply. If your unit is rented, please be sure to share this information with your tenant.

Your cooperation regarding this matter is highly appreciated.

Please see below Fire Sprinkler Inspection schedule:

Friday, March 1st:

109-123 Talmadge (odd)

125-139 Talmadge (odd)

141-155 Talmadge (odd)
146-150 Hayward (even)
188 Lockford
120-142 Talmadge (even)
73-79 Olivehurst (odd)

157-171 Talmadge (odd)
31-71 Olivehurst (odd)

Saturday, March 2nd:

173-203 Talmadge (odd)

205-235 Lockford (odd)

237-267 Lockford (odd)
256-270 Lockford (even)

210, 226 Lockford
250-254 Lockford (even)
152-188 Hayward (even)


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