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Community Reminders - July 2018  

Hard Surface Flooring - (per section 2.17 of the CC&R's)


Installation of hard surface flooring is prohibited in portions of Units which have been constructed pursuant to the "Plan 5" floor plan. Units constructed pursuant to the "Plan 5" floor plan can be identified by referring to the applicable Condominium Plan. Within such Units, hard surface flooring may be installed only at the entry on the first floor, the entry within the circular area at the staircase, the kitchen, the laundry room, and the bath designated as "bath 2" on the Condominium Plan for the Phase in which the Unit is located. The Project Association may require the Owner of a Unit in which hard surface flooring has been installed in violation of this Section to remove such flooring.

Trash Can Exposure - (per section 2.8 of the CC&R’s)


No trash may be kept or permitted upon the Properties or on any public street abutting or visible from the Properties except in containers located in appropriate areas screened from view. Trash containers may be exposed to the view of neighboring Condominiums only when set out at a location approved by the Architectural Committee for a reasonable period of time (not to exceed twelve (12) hours before and after each scheduled trash collection hours). Trash shall be disposed of at the locations depicted on Exhibit D attached hereto, provided, however, the Board may change such locations without prior written notice.

Posted 7/03/2018 4:42 PM
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